3 Wonderful Ways to Give Back to Your Mom

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and for those of you who are looking for the perfect gift, why not go the unconventional route this year by helping repair and improve her home? Here are 3 wonderful ways you can give back to your mom and her home for Mother’s Day.

1.) Plant a Garden: Rather than give the typical bouquet of flowers, plant her a garden she can fall in love with. You can plant a nice assortment of flowers in decorative containers and pots for the entry way or line the driveway and walkways with rows of budding beauties.

2.) Add some art: Has mom been complaining about her drab walls for years? You can’t go wrong with art, especially if it’s family pictures. Pick up some nice frames or some fun vintage style ones from a thrift store and add your best captured family memories. Bonus points if you hang them for her.

3.) Update the comfort zones: Update a living room with lovely accent pillows or a nice new slipcover for the sofa, or go above and beyond and get her a whole new bedding set for her room. Dressing up the spaces she spends the most time in comfort is a wonderfully considerate gift. Imagine her surprise to come home and see a refreshed new space to enjoy?

Can’t decide what to do for your mom and her home? Listen to her concerns about her space. If there’s a nagging home improvement task that’s been bugging her for a while like a broken mailbox, rusty light fixtures, or snags in the rug making those types of repairs are a heartwarming gift to her that shows that you care and that you listen.

No matter what you decide to do for your mom this Mother’s Day, if it comes from the heart she’ll love it regardless. Happy Mother’s Day!

Lisa Bray

RE/MAX Professionals



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