5 "Egg-straordinarily" Useful Hacks for Easter
Easter is this Sunday and we all know how time consuming planning for Easter can be when you’re a busy parent. Everything from coordinating Easter egg hunts, planning arts and crafts activities, and meals can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you work or your kids are on spring break. So, here are 5 egg-straordinarily” useful hacks for Easter to make your life a little easier!
1.) Easy Egg Shell Removal: Add baking soda to your water when boiling eggs to make the shells easy to remove. When the water with baking soda passes through the eggshell, it helps the albumen to separate from the shell.
2.) Clean Dyeing: Use a whisk to hold eggs while coloring them to save you getting your fingers dyed. Just move a couple of the wires apart to insert and remove the egg.
3.) Use Koolaid Dye: Don’t want to use messy egg dyes to color your eggs this year? Use koolaid! Pour one envelope of each Kool-Aid color and 2/3 cup water into separate glasses, stirring to dissolve the drink mix. Use a spoon or whisk to place a hard-boiled egg into each cup. Keep eggs submerged until the desired color is reached.
4.) Quick Craft: Want to decorate eggs but have no time to dye eggs? Stick clear adhesive dots onto eggs and dip in sprinkles or glitter for easy decorating.
5.) Reuse Eggs: Wondering what to do with all those plastic eggs after the Easter egg hunt is over and the goodies have been removed? Reuse plastic eggs as mini lunch containers filled with little healthy bites of goodies like raisins, carrot sticks and trail mix.
Which of these 5 egg-straordinarily” useful hacks for Easter will you try? No matter how you spend your spring holiday, have a safe and Happy Easter!
Lisa Bray
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