Just because Phoenix isn’t gripped in a polar vortex like our neighbors in the Midwest, doesn’t mean that our homes don’t still need to be winterized. Don’t forget to winter-proof these 3 areas in your home.

1.) Landscaping: If you fail to maintain your landscaping before the frigid temps hit, you may be left with dead foliage come springtime. Remove damaged or diseased limbs from trees and shrubs, cover and tie any sensitive plantings with burlap, and put a protective layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and garden beds. and spread them in your beds instead.

2.) Pipes: Water damage from burst pipes and cracked fittings is one of the primary causes of homeowner insurance claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. To head off problems before temperatures drop, turn off the water supply and drain all outside faucets, unhook and drain all hoses and connecting pipes and use an air compressor to blow any leftover water out of the system.

3.) Sprinkler System: It's pretty easy to forget about that underground sprinkler system once the lawn goes dormant in the fall, but you still need to winterize it to prevent damage. Unhook and drain the feeder line from the water supply or purchase environmentally safe antifreeze and run that through the sprinkler system. Got water features? Fountains should be drained, cleaned, and stored in a freeze-proof location. If you have a pond, drain and clean it, then remove and clean the pump and filter systems.

Got more winter-proofing ideas for your home? Share in the comments below. For more home maintenance tips or if you’re looking to sell or buy a home in Goodyear and the surrounding areas, please contact Lisa Bray. Your complete satisfaction with my service and representation is the number one priority.

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