The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, however this time of year is also chalked full of stress. There is good news though; the holiday season can be enjoyed without the stress and emotions with a few easy tips. Here are ten tips to help you survive the holidays:

  1. Keep your regular routine: stick to your normal routine as best you can which will help to prevent stress.
  2. Be realistic, there is not “perfect” holiday: a big point of stress comes from thinking that you have to create the perfect holiday. In reality, life is messy, and things happen. Be realistic and try to go with the flow.  
  3. Think moderation: we love traditions and this time of year that includes our favorite family recipes, ciders and parties. However, over indulging leads to unnecessary physical stress.
  4. Don’t let guilt get you down: nothing adds stress more than feeling guilty but there is only so much time, and only so much of yourself to go around. Pick wisely and let go of the guilt.
  5. Stay connected: make sure you schedule enough time to spend with your cherished family and friends. Make plans ahead of time, and put it on the calendar.
  6. Don’t be alone if you don’t want to be: There are plenty of people in your life who want to spend time with you, so there is no reason to be alone during the holiday season (unless that is how you want to spend it!)
  7. Learn to say no: even during the holiday season, it is okay to say no! Feeling obligated leads to resentment, and ultimately added stress. Remember, it is your holiday season too!
  8. Ask for help: it is easy to take on too much during the holidays, but if you do, it is also okay to ask for help. You will find that those who care about you the most, will be more than happy to pitch in.
  9. Focus on today: there is something about family and friends, traditions and memories that bring up feelings that we may not want to feel during the holidays. Reliving the past or feeling like you aren’t good enough is a sure way to add stress to your holiday season. This year instead try focusing only on today.
  10. Be kind to yourself: if you feel down or overwhelmed, take a moment to pamper yourself. Do what feels best to you, even if that isn’t on the “holiday to-do list.” You are not perfect; no one is. This year, be kind to yourself!

From my family to yours, let us be the first to wish you a happy holiday season! We look forward to helping you with all your real estate needs in the New Year!

Lisa Bray
RE/MAX Professionals

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